Masters Gallery, featuring Ivan Albright, Cegurs Chimera Gallery
Ivan Albright in his Ogden Avenue studio, Chicago, 1950. Photograph by Peter Pollack.

Ivan Albright was a Chicago area native, growing up on the North Shore and graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1923.  He was born to a father who was a painter and was an identical twin to his brother, Malvin Marr - also an exceptional painter.

Ivan Albright is most well known for his many paintings of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" which were commissioned by a Hollywood studio and used in the movie "The Portrait of Dorian Gray".  Due to this notoriety Albright's works have often been interpreted as being in the horror genre.

On a personal note:  Ivan Albright was one of three artists that struck me at an early age and influenced my work the most.  My first exposure to Albright's work came on a middle school field trip to The Art Institute of Chicago.  I was taken aback by his large painting "That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do(The Door)", as well as '...Ida'.  

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